5 Reasons Data Security Is Crucial for Non-Profits

Do you work for or manage a not-for-profit organization, and are you worried about data security?

The truth is you do need to be. In the for-profit industry, everyone knows data protection is extremely important. But network protection is one of those things that non-profits need to start talking about.  

Here, we give you the top five reasons why you need to be thinking about multi-layered security measures to protect your not-for-profit’s data. 

1. Ransomware Attackers Don’t Mind Who They Steal From

A ransomware attack is a type of data breach in which hackers hold your data hostage from you. They will encrypt the data so that you can’t access it, and then only unencrypt when you pay a ransom. 

This can be very expensive. The ransom is often tens of thousands of dollars. But, even if you pay the ransom, you may not end up getting your data back anyway. 

Security for non-profits is no different from security for large corporations. Your data is what allows you to continue to function as an organization. So, make sure you protect it from hackers. 

2. Protect Organization Image

Even if you do not have money to lose through a data breach or leak, your organization can still be badly hurt. For example, if you possess personal information about donors or the people you service or work with, this information needs to be protected.

If you allow data to leak or be taken, this may have consequences for how your organization is viewed. Why would people donate money to you if they do not think you have adequate security measures. 

3. Legal Obligations

Another very serious reason to employ data security is that you have specific legal obligations to keep data safe. This may be because the data is personal information that someone has entrusted you with, or it may be that you have obligations to archive transaction histories or other information. 

Either way, falling afoul of your legal obligations may cost your organization as well as you personally. 

4. You Can’t Afford Roadblocks to Your Mission

At the end of the day, data security is most important because you need to keep your organization operational. Whether it’s a data hack or data corruption, lost data will almost always mean there is some impact on your organization’s ability to continue working. 

Data security is one of the most effective ways to improve non-profits with technology

5. Efficiency and Security Go Hand in Hand

Another reason why implementing some sort of data security system is that it will force you to organize your systems and information. By moving to a cloud security system, for example, you can centralize where your data is stored.

This will mean you don’t have to move data between computers and you can secure data in one place. This is called system data security and it is a more comprehensive way of approaching the issue. 

Data Security Cannot Wait

You should now have a good understanding of the reasons why it is so important you protect your non-profit’s data. But, the final thing you need to know is that implementing a data security program cannot wait.

Data losses and breaches are very often irreversible. So, can your organization afford to suffer one?

Make sure you act on it now! Get in touch with us now to start working out the best data protection strategy for your not-for-profit.