5 Ways a Managed Service Provider Can Help Your Non-Profit

Is your non-profit organization trying to decide whether to hire a managed service provider? In today’s digital age, a data breach can be a costly experience for a business or non-profit. 

Besides losing the trust of donors and other members of your non-profit, you can also face fines of over $80 million! Protection against data breaches may be the first thing that comes to mind. A managed service provider can help your non-profit in many different ways though.

Read on to learn how a managed service provider can help your non-profit!

1. Focus On Fundraising Efforts

A non-profit’s fundraising activities during the year are very important. A managed service provider will help you improve the focus on your fundraising efforts. They will do this by setting up metrics and goals for your non-profit. 

For example, a provider can help you design a monthly donor program. This will help give you consistent donations from a wide range of people and companies. 

2. Improve Data Security

Data security is a crucial part of any business or non-profit organization. A managed service provider will improve this aspect of your non-profit by mitigating risk in your system and providing IT consulting services for all your important questions. 

Since a non-profit handles so much confidential and private information, this can make it a target for hackers and other criminals. Working with a managed service provider will give you the expertise you need to lower the chances of a computer system being hacked.

3. Increase Donor Management Efficiency

In a non-profit organization, your donor pool is an important part of your operations. It can make the difference between being long-lasting and successful or failing to meet your goals. 

You need to ensure that you are communicating a clear message to donors and reaching them in the most effective ways. A managed service provider will help you by creating a donor management program to market in the most effective way to donors and potential donors!

4. Use Cloud Services for Storage

Cloud services are a great way to store important data and other information outside of your physical office space. A managed service provider with lots of experience in the industry will know the ins and outs of how cloud service works and what it can do for your non-profit. 

You shouldn’t overlook the importance of using cloud services to secure data and other files in your non-profit!

5. Create a Disaster Recovery Plan 

You will mitigate your risk of a digital attack by working with a managed service provider but that doesn’t guarantee you won’t be a victim of an attack. Your managed service provider will create a disaster recovery plan for the non-profit. 

This plan will help your non-profit get back up and running as soon and safely as possible after a digital attack. 

The Importance of a Managed Service Provider

Hiring a managed service provider can help take your non-profit to the next level. By taking time to consider your overhead costs and the budget for your non-profit, you can find a managed service provider that is affordable and helpful. 

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