3 Nonprofit Sector Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Are you trying to stay on top of the latest nonprofit sector trends to grow your organization and meet your goals this year? Staying on top of constantly evolving trends in this industry is a must for taking your organization to the next level. 

Keep reading for some of the top trends for nonprofits this year. Start integrating some of these methods into your current business plan to grow your organization and reach potential donors. 

1. Mobile Is a Must 

If your nonprofit isn’t already taking advantage of mobile marketing, you should start as soon as possible.

Start by making sure that your current platforms are mobile-friendly. Check areas such as your email newsletters to your website navigation. There are also ways to make donating easier via mobile devices that can help you boost funds. 

In our busy, fast-paced world, it’s important to think about how you can make donating easier for your target donor.

For this reason, many organizations are turning to text to donate options, as well as making donations accessible via social media. Set up a Facebook fundraiser, or add a donate button to your Instagram page to make donating as quick and easy as possible. 

2. Get Personal 

With the growth of personalized marketing and shopping, consumers are getting used to this kind of content rather than blanket messaging. To encourage your donors to continue supporting your organization, think of ways you can communicate with them in a more personal manner. Let them know the difference they are making to reflect their donation history. 

Go the extra mile to get to know your donors, building a community around your nonprofit and your mission. Share stories about those who you serve to let people in and show donors how important their donations are.

Segment your emails into groups. Consider separating donors and volunteers to make sure that you’re sending personalized information that pertains to the correct subscriber. 

Work to get personal with your volunteers as well. Make sure that your organization is working to give your appreciation to those who donate both their money and time. 

3. Diverse and Transparent Leadership 

Inclusive leadership is becoming incredibly important for nonprofits. Work to make sure your leadership represents the community you serve to support your mission and encourage diversity in the workplace. Transparency is incredibly important for nonprofits as it will help you connect with donors.

Make sure that you are very clear with donors about where their funds are going so that they know their money is in the right hands. This will help to boost your donor’s trust in your organization, allowing them to feel confident that they are making a difference. 

Some of the Top Nonprofit Sector Trends in 2020

Make sure that your taking advantage of these nonprofit sector trends to boost your donation rates and meet your fundraising goals. Make sure that you connect with your donors and volunteers using the latest marketing methods and technologies to reach a wider audience this year. Grow your nonprofit organization by trying out these ideas today. 

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