Put the Fun in Fundraising: Crowdfunding for Nonprofits

When you’re trying to run a non-profit organization successfully, you know that getting donations is always a major factor. Working with crowdfunding sites can help you improve your margins and will empower you to succeed in your mission. 

So what thoughts and strategy should go into your non-profit crowdfunding plan? Keep reading to learn more about crowdfunding for nonprofits. 

Make Sure You’re Fully Informed on Your Organization’s Mission

It’s important that you understand what value you bring to the public.

Starting with a solid mission statement will help you put together marketing materials for your donation drives. Your digital marketing efforts will be more successful when you understand your organization’s “why.”

Put together a brain trust that will help you focus your priorities and decide on what you most want to impart. Running a non-profit organization requires you to have skilled management with vision so that the message resonates internally and with the public. 

Incentivize People to Want to Donate

Always provide people with some sort of incentive for donating. This is why 5K’s and other distance runs are popular options. People buy into those events with their participation, and to have some accountability in training for something. 

In exchange, they can appreciate that they’re helping a good cause. Giving out merchandise for donations also provides a great incentive. Make up some t-shirts, water bottles, wrist bands, or other keepsakes that people would love to get in exchange for their donation. 

Most importantly, show them that you’re offering value, so they know their money is being used properly. When the public can see that you’re valuable and that you’re doing good in the community, they’ll feel more informed and compelled to donate throughout the year. 

Create Content That Tells Stories

Always use stories to show people why their donation matters.

If your organization builds houses or delivers water to scarce areas, show some actual footage of the trips. Write blog posts that inform people about the cause, so that they can do a deep dive on it in their free time. 

Effective content marketing will get you lifelong followers that appreciate what you put out. 

Stay Aware of and in Compliance With Donation Laws

Make sure you’re always aware of every detail that comes with non-profit donations. Knowing the law is crucial anytime you’re exchanging money online. 

You will likely have to register with the state and will need to always make sure that your non-profit status is in good standing. 

Use a Service That Makes Crowdfunding Easy and Productive For You

Finally, make sure that you use the best digital platform for accepting fundraising donations. Make it as easy as possible for people to chip in as little as a dollar from their mobile devices. 

Use a platform that sends confirmations and keeps clean records so that donors feel comfortable and know that all transactions are done transparently and above board. The platform should also have the best cybersecurity so that peoples’ information and money are safe. 

Learn All About Crowdfunding for Nonprofits

When you understand crowdfunding for nonprofits, you will be better able to hit your goals. Crowdfunding is an excellent way to take in donations from all over the world. 

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