Data Security

Cyber Security is a priority. We approach this by utilizing a multi-layered security. A robust security strategy includes scanning all inbound and outbound packets. Blocking suspect data before it enters or leaves your environment. With Spyware, Ransomware, and bot attacks on the rise, keeping up with current threats and ensuring network is protected is crucial. Cyber Security and compliance.
Security Management Solution:
-Advise you in choosing the best security program for your organization. Completely executed from analysis through delivery, integrating solutions from the best low cost to no cost (open source) solutions. We’re able to work closely with both your internal and external IT teams without inefficient overlap.
Administrative Security Solutions:
-Review policies and procedures to identify and report on deficiencies, including areas such as encryption, email use, incident response, mobile use, password guidelines, and remote access. Perform a gap analysis for compliance requirements as well as ensure your compliance framework is accurate.
Compliance Consulting and Management:
NIST800-171, NIST800-53, ISO27001
Penetration Testing & Risk Assessments:
-Penetration test report, remediation action, and recommendations to ensure your security program is optimized
Cloud Security:
-Expertise in Amazon Web Services and GCP security solution and optimization
Application Security:
-Security assessments (DAST and SAST). Threat hunting of custom and commercial applications, web presence, networks, and encryption.

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